Lettre à mes amis Américains

Dear American friends

I don’t want to wait any more to congratulate you. Not only I understand and approve that when the whole world keeps telling you what sort of president to elect, you choose the opposite, but frankly I would have done the same. As a matter of fact, I did the same when I re-elected Charles De Gaulle in the past (Well, Charles De Gaulle was not exactly made of the same stuff as G.W.B., but he did bother some people abroad too).

But this decision of yours is also the correct one because it gives a chance to G.W. Bush to pursue the pre-emptive war he has started in Iraq, and ultimately to collect the glory he deserves. Giving such an opportunity to Kerry would have been specially unfair.

If another reason was necessary to justify the re-election of G.W.B., I would mention the budget deficit, the manageability of which, once demonstrated, would give to him a leading position on the list of applicants for the next Swedish economy prize.

I am also impressed by the observation that G.W.B. receives direct advice from God, which is a unique asset for a government. With the notable exception of Joan of Arc, we have never been able, on this side of the ocean, to durably secure His assistance, and He knows nevertheless than we could have use it more than once.

I wish you, my dear American friends, to enjoy as much as you can the next four years which will be the last presided by G.W.B.

Friendly yours,

Le Gaulois

P.S. : Next time your President get in touch with God, could he be so nice as to suggest that He allocates some blessings to the EU, with one being specifically earmarked for France. Thanks.

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AB a dit…

Considering that Joan of Arc did not even finish a 4 year term, let alone start a second one, either God is getting better at giving advice, or one of them is a fake...